Wednesday, August 1, 2007

5 Questions with Mike from Big Brother 8

Mike Dutz made such a graceful exit on Big Brother that I had to ring him up and get his thoughts on the show and other important issues.

1. You have a great body! Where is the first place to start (exercise wise) that would get rid of a beer belly?
Cardio, lots and lots of cardio.

2.Kraft Macaroni and Cheese or Velveeta Shells and Cheese?

Velveeta Shells and cheese

3.Anything exciting happen while you were gone?
I've lined up potential work from being on the show.

4. Best moment in BB house?
The strong man competition!

5. How many wives does Magnus have?
7 wives

Love the show and really fell in love with you on the last episode. You should be really proud of yourself.
Thanks for watching and supporting me on the show. It was an honor to be there.

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